The Kot

The Kot is mysterious creature made from star blood and moon dust.

Drawn for my friend, Ryan, who adores kittys.

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Latches to the victim with vermins, drinks the melted flesh like a leech…

My childhood character, Ebola, yep, based on the virus ^^

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Indifferent, cold eyes, piercing through you like a spear. Frozen cruelty among sun-scorched land.

Seemingly I motivated myself πŸ™‚ Sulepis from Shadowmarch by Tad Williams, one of my most beloved book series.

Simon Snowlock

β€œAnd you have saved my life,” Binabik pointed out.
β€œIs that important?” Simon distractedly patted the small hand and stood up. β€œYou have saved mine as well, several times. Friends are friends.” 

The main character from one of my favorite book series, Memory, Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams <3

Creature of the Caves

And there it was, looking at you from the darkness, like a predator on its prey. But it wasn’t hunting on you.

Older art, recently I have so little time, that I can’t create, oof! But soon, it ends, and I can paint again.

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Blood Hag

She feeds on the blood, the sweet liquor of life – the essence of the soul.

A creepy witch to end this dark and ominous year.

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Glossu Rabban

The Beast appeared, fair and bloodthirsty, like a demon from the steaming pits.

Painting of a character that all love to hate – Glossu Rabban from Dune (1984). I must admit that he looks here a bit like Captain Kirk. Fff, to much Star Trek.